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Green Hare Yard Care is the eco-friendly alternative to traditional landscaping

We offer a full spectrum of weekly and one-time yard care services, including

Lawn mowing, edging, & fertilization

Leaf blowing

Weed & yard waste removal

Pruning & trimming

Pine straw & mulch application

Plant & hardscape installation

Landscape design

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We aim to minimize our impact on Georgia's ecosystem through sustainable yard care practices

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No loud and smelly gas-powered equipment

Our yard care experts only use electrical and hand-powered tools to mitigate detrimental noise pollution and CO2 emissions.

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No harmful pesticides or herbicides

We strive to protect Georgia's rich ecosystem by avoiding the use of poisons that threaten the health of ground and water systems.

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No invasive plant species

We refuse to install invasive and noxious weeds and we encourage landscape designs that utilize native species that enrich Atlanta's biome.

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Are you ready to treat your yard to sustainable landscaping services?

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Green Hare Yard Care was founded in 2023 with the mission of beautifying the city of Atlanta with professional and sustainable landscaping. We contract a large variety of yard care tasks on a one-time or weekly basis.

Our yard caretakers are trained to be stewards of Atlanta's environment. We refuse to use gas-powered equipment, harmful poisons, or invasive plants in our landscaping activities and designs. By installing and cultivating a variety of native plant species that require less upkeep and resource expenditure than traditional methods, we hope to help our customers save time and money and we hope to build landscapes where native flora and fauna can flourish.

If you have questions about our services or our team, don't hesitate to reach out by calling (678) 672 - 7084 or by booking a free consultation

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